The 928.
To me, nothing beats the sound of a Porsche V8 as it revs up through the gears. The most beautiful sounds I have ever heard from a car have been my euro spec 928 with headers and Borla exhaust and an S4 with it's jet engine like ring. But that's me, I'm a V8 guy.
   The first day I got my Euro Spec, it literally blew my mind. It was like the best Christmas present ever. I just couldn't believe that I actually owned such an incredible vehicle. From then on it was almost a love story. I learned everything I could about the car and it's maintenance. I was always worked on my cars as it was, not because they were in need of repairs always, but because I was always trying to make it better in some way. That naturally led to my seeking out all the tech info on the 928 I could, especially the coveted Shop Manuals. Long story short after going to great length to find an afford set of manuals, I decided to share them with other like minded and budgeted individuals. That was quite some time ago and it has been up and down a few times since. The decision has been made to finally develop and flesh out the site with the hope of helping other like minded and budgeted individuals.  Thank you for your interest and support. -Erik Vossler




Why Did You Create Project 928?

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."


Can I Email You?

"No. If there is not one yet, there will soon be a contact form which you can use."